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LNG Plants




Small- & Midscale LNG Plants


Small- & Midscale LNG Plants


G.I. Dynamics can provide its Clients with integrated liquefaction processes together with the supply of the Nitech NRU (nitrogen rejection) process, but also can provide standalone small- & midscale LNG plants.


G.I. Dynamics has developed extensive experience in cryogenic gas processing including natural gas liquefaction processes. G.I. Dynamics can support its Clients in the design, selection of best application:

  • Closed liquefaction loop / open liquefaction loop

  • PCR (Pure Component Refrigerant), SMR (Single Mixed Refrigerant), etc.


Integrated with Nitech NRU - Nitrogen Rejection Unit

In case nitrogen rejection is required at a stranded gas field, a good combination is to combine this cryogenic process with the production of LNG. G.I. Dynamics has multiple project references in the combination of NRU plus gas liquefaction.


Stand Alone Liquefaction facility

With the growing demand for LNG, G.I. Dynamics can support its Clients with stand-alone LNG units, either off-the-shelf designs or tailored designs to ensure highest efficiency and recovery.


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LNG Plants


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