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GI Dynamics

Bio-refinery in Europe towards bio-chemical diversification

G.I. Dynamics, a Dutch based company closely involved in bio-chemicals and bio-plastics industry provides the best available technology to convert ethanol to bio-Ethylene Oxide and bio-Monoethylene Glycol. G.I Dynamics recently was one of the many participants at the networking circle(BENC – Bio-Refinery Network Circle) organized by Deloitte, together with Rabobank and Bio-Based Platform in Rotterdam with the focus on bio-ethylene oxide as the driver for bio-chemicals in downstream bio-diversification.

The participants at the networking circle covered a wide spectrum of industries, starting from microorganisms and seed industries representatives, to technology owner representatives as well manufacturers and suppliers to end-users. BENC has the goal to bring multiple parties from different branches of industry to create a continuous networking to support the bio-development within European industry.

“While we are aware of several important initiatives and interesting new developments, the creation of the bio-refinery of the future continues to face hurdles that different players in the eco-system can only address by joining forces and creating network capital.”

High-profile guest presented their view on the future of the bio-industry in Europe, signaling the potential for European economy, the role of consortium approach, the need for industry bridging and a solution design based mindset.


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