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"We believe Bio-based Chemical Production is also possible in Europe.”

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With biobased chemical project or bio-refinery project commencing around the globe, G.I. Dynamics feels it is possible to develop a bio-based chemical production in Europe even with today's challenges.

Key succes for Europe

In order to commercialize these projects in Europe into economically viable projects and being costs competitive against the petroleum industry, it is vital to follow and connect several key success factors into the development of a biobased consortium / production facility.

The key success factors have been presented by our Managing Director, Wim van der Zande, and discussed during a conference at the ‘Green Polymer Chemistry 2015 Conference' in Cologne, Germany.

Details of this discussion and the presentation are made available on our website. Download presentation package here: Proven first step to biobased PET.

Integration of ETE technology with bio-ethanol facility and bio-MEG facility allows production of various chemical products such as Polyethylene, Ethylene Oxide, PVC, PET, and many more. A successful and competitive bio-business has the key drivers in a vertical integration of these processes, starting from biomass and finish with the desired BIO-products.

Bio-ethanol to BioPET

To help realize this vision we bring to the market (bio)Ethanol-to-(bio)Ethylene, (bio)EO,(bio)MEG technologies for creation of environmentally-friendly yet equally versatile (bio)ethylene, (bio)EO, (bio)MEG for various chemical processing. Our proven technology helps to shape these BIO downstream products and enlarges the possibility of Bio-diversification and ensures lowest operation and investment costs.


Figure 1. Integrated Bio-Refinery Concept

The market demand for environmental friendly products for packing is rapidly increasing. Bio-Ethylene is the monomer used in the PE production. A more rapidly growth is observed in the PET market. (bio)MEG is 1/3 of the PET resulting currently in a 33% (bio)PET. One possible 100% PEF will still require 1/3 (bio) MEG.

Impact of bio-ethanol production

The feedstock (ethanol) used by our technology does not have any restriction in respect with the production source; it can be 1st gen., 2nd gen. or even 3rd gen. Feedstock determines the end product cost. Every region has its characteristics when a project is developed and the cost of feedstock is very important. Given the freedom to use any type of ethanol, our technology provides flexibility in the source of ethanol giving the possibility to acquire ethanol from worldwide sources at lower costs.

Given the importance of the ethanol as feedstock for chemical industry there are different aspects which can affect the market in that sense. For Europe in 2017 the sugar quota will be removed and the dynamics of this market will impact directly the ethanol production quantities and the ethanol market price. We envisage that a competitive and free market for sugar will urge the sugar producers to diversify their business by producing more ethanol. There are considerable improvements in the 2nd generation ethanol technologies and is expected that new ethanol capacity to be available on the market. 2nd gen technologies are playing an important role worldwide. Some technologies are already commercial applicable and others are still in the development stage. The market and sustainability programs are driving forward the 2nd generation ethanol production. The ethanol produced can be easily absorbed by a market where bio-chemicals are a driver.

Benefits of local bio-EO (Ethylene Oxide) Production

As the demand on bio-EO is increasing and the dangers pose by the transportation (explosive nature of the substance) many companies are looking into possibility of building a small case size bio-EO plant using feedstock ethanol. Moreover a cooperation of the end user for (bio)Ethylene, (bio)EO and (bio)EG(or any combination) can lead to a relieve in financial burden for all parties because of the economy of scale, by creating an industrial integrated complex.

About G.I. Dynamics

G.I. Dynamics is an independent and international leading technology partner providing solutions for: (Bio-) Chemicals, Gas Processing, Waste Gas Handling.

G.I. Dynamics has unique technologies to convert biobased ethanol into downstream chemicals, such as ethylene, ethylene oxide, mono-ethylene glycols, bio-PET, bio- acetic acid, etc.

Contact us to learn more G.I. Dynamics and its unique technologies.

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