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G.I.Dynamics BV has been awarded License and FEED package for a Maleic Anhydride Production facility

Netherland, August, 2014

A Consortium (OCC) of Ran Group RBS Holding LLC and Green Light LLC of the Russian federation has awarded to G.I. Dynamics B.V. (GID) together with Petron Scientech Inc. (PSI) the Technology License, FEED, Engineering and proprietary equipment for two trains 50KTPA of Maleic Anhydride facility at OMSK Polymer plant site. Subsequently OCC will build a 50 KTPA of BDO plant using the produced MA as its raw material. Total project will have cost of approximately 500 MUSD.

The Maleic Anhydride technology is using n-butane feedstock, fixed bed reactors and an aqueous recovery process. The Front End Engineering will start in September 2014.The plant will be designed and built in phases with an aim to have the first unit start up in Q1 2017.

Maleic Anhydride applications Maleic Anhyride (MA) is used primarily in formation of Unsaturated Polyester Resins (UPRs), 1-4 Butanediol (BDO), polymeric resins and also as a basic chemical used in automotive, shipbuilding, paint and varnish, construction, agricultural industries. Fifty percent of the produced MA from OCC is aimed to be used for BDO production. BDO serves as an essential building block for Tetrahydrofuran (THF) production. THF is a valuable industrial solvent and a precursor topolymer production.


Ruslan Barkovskiy (Chairman of Green Light/OCC): "Implementation of MA and BDO Project is of great socio-economic importance for the Omsk region and development of engineering plastics production in Russian Federation. OCC will have an enormous opportunity to build a combined MA/BDO complex and together with G.I. Dynamics we have a professional partner on board to make this project successful."

Wim van der Zande (Managing Director of G.I. Dynamics): "This project will be performed together with Petron Scientech Inc. (provider of the technology knowhow) and will be the basis for a world class production facility. We are looking forward to work together with OCC on this project."


About Greenlight LLC: Green Light is the owner of the industrial site of Omsk polymer (the plant). In order to diversify technological capacities by using engineering infrastructure of the plant and cooperation on raw materials supply together with partners from Omsk Chemical Corporation, Green Light execute the Project for maleic anhydride and BDO production on the plant site.

About RAN Group RBS Holding LLC: RAN Group is a group of Russian companies operating together in the oil and gas processing. They are the licensor for sulfuric acid alkylation processes in fluid jet reactors and they execute projects as an EPC contractor in the territory of Russian Federation. RAN Group is engaged in the detailed engineering, supply of local equipment and materials, construction and installation works for MA and BDO plant.

About G.I. Dynamics B.V. G.I. Dynamics is a company that provides unique Technologies, FEED package and Equipment Supply to the Chemical and Oil & Gas Market. Its portfolio is mainly related to Bio-refinery products, Fiber Intermediates, Maleic Anhydride Plant, Gas processing, Liquefaction and Waste gas handling. GID has proven its experience in Russia, USA, Middle East, Asia and South East Asia. The applied technologies and know-how are aimed to meet the latest development in energy savings, environment regulations and lowest carbon foot print making optimum use of Sustainable and or Renewable Resources. GID is based in The Netherlands.

About Petron Scientech Inc. Petron Scientech, has been serving Clients around the world with Maleic Anhydride related services varying from technical assistance, basic engineering, detail design, technology licensing, and many more. The extensive experience and knowledge covers both benzene and n-butane based Maleic Anhydride.

Contact Adrian R. Toader, Business Development Manager: Tel. +31 (0)71 56 229 51

G.I. Dynamics website:

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