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G.I. Dynamics to Present at the ‘GPA EUROPE - 2012 ANNUAL MEETING' in Berlin, Germany

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Invited by the Gas Processing Association (GPA) Europe, Wim van der Zande, Managing Director of G.I. Dynamics, will give a presentation in Berlin, Germany on 23 May 2012. This prestigious event is focused on the future gas processing market of Europe.

With his presentation, entitled 'QTI - Next Generation Flare System', Wim van der Zande will introduce the unique QTI enclosed flare systems and weill cover the latest technological developments in flaring.

Improvement of air quality is one of the key concerns to sustainable development worldwide. As strict environmental regulations are being enacted to protect the public and minimize harmful atmospheric emissions, our clients look to our business partner to develop solutions that meet regulatory compliance and allow them to operate cost effectively in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

QTI - Enclosed Flare successfully operates in a broad spectrum of climates, temperatures and geography in a wide variety of process applications (H2S expertise). Independent testing confirms that they combust waste gas streams at an efficiency rate of >99.99%. The incinerators operate with no visible flame, smoke or odor and will ensure the safe combustion of the waste stream.

To learn more about our QTI enclosed flare system, «Click here».

If you are interested to join the GPA Europe - 2012 Annual Meeting please register at the website of the organization.

Chris van der Zande G.I. Dynamics | Business Development Manager

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