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G.I. Dynamics presented at ‘Unconventional Gas Conference' in Rotterdam

Invited by the Institute for International Research (IIR), Wim van der Zande, Managing Director of G.I. Dynamics, gave a presentation in Rotterdam on Oct. October 5th, 2011. The event was focussed on the developments of unconventional gas in the Dutch market. Attendees were, amongst others, representatives of all unconventional gas players, government officials, foreign investors, energy groups, technology providers and consultants.

With his presentation, entitled ‘Overcoming the Challenges of Unconventional Gas for Europe', Wim van der Zande introduced G.I. Dynamics' company information, how to overcome the communication challenges, and gas processing technology based on unconventional gas. Based on deep research on Government & Public support and recognizing the concerns and challenges of unconventional gas. G.I. Dynamics has a unique understanding and experience of the oil & gas business, and can thus support any platform (with an aim to develop unconventional gas in the Netherlands, and make a suitable and consistent communication strategy.

G.I. Dynamics can provide proven and world-class gas treatment technologies up to ‘LS turnkey' facilities to the oil & gas industry. By supplying Cryogenic Nitech NRU, Nitech Xpan and Ultra High CO2 Removal, etc., its experience and capabilities cover gas processing activities in the area of conventional low-BTU Gas, Coal Seam Gas/Coal Mine Methane (CMM), and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).

In the circumstance of low-carbon oriented development and new energy innovation, the exploration and production of unconventional gas becomes a new trend all over the world. Globally there are over 2000 gas fields, both conventional and unconventional, with a ‘high' nitrogen content (5-40%). G.I. Dynamics is able to economically produce natural gas from low-BTU gas fields via these ‘unconventional' methods.

The speech was well received by the attending representatives, the majority of whom have a positive attitude on our NitechTM NRU technology.

For more information on our presentation in the conference or (unconventional) gas processing technologies, Nitrogen Rejection, CO2 removal and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), feel free to contact G.I. Dynamics. Chris van der Zande Business Development Manager | G.I. Dynamics

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