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G.I. Dynamics participated in 2011 Partnership - Wide Meeting in Krakow

In 12-14 October 2011, G.I. Dynamics was invited by the Global Methane Initiative (GMI) in corporation with the Government of Poland to give a presentation in ‘2011 Partnership-Wide Meeting' in Krakow.

The presentation titled with ‘Technology to Enhance CMM to Gas Pipeline Quality or LNG' was made at 13, Oct. in the coal technical sessions. Representatives of coal mine companies and research institutes take part in the conference coordinated by Eastern Research Group, Inc. (ERG) and Administrative Support Group (ASG).

During the presentation, Wim van der Zande discussed opportunities of most efficient proven Nitech™ NRU technology for gas processing to utilize Coal mine methane from drainage systems with the aim of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and producing high quality LNG products.

G.I. Dynamics is dedicated to global environment protection & energy saving, coal mine safety, and clients' business performance improvement. The Nitech™ NRU technology is unique in oil & gas markets, creating possibility to directly inject purified methane into the existing gas pipeline or to compress it to LNG.

G.I. Dynamics, with its business partner BCCK, has already started with the first Nitech™ NRU project in Poland. Many coal mine companies attending the conference showed great interests in our unique gas processing technology and would like to further discuss with us about CMM utilization by using Nitech™ Nitrogen rejection process.

For more information on our presentation in the conference or gas processing technology, Coal Mine Methane Utilization, Nitrogen Rejection (NRU) and activities in Poland, feel free to contact G.I. Dynamics;

Chris van der Zande

Business Development Manager | G.I. Dynamics ccm.vanderzande (@)

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