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G.I. Dynamics collaboration with Petron Scientech on Commercial Bio-Ethylene Technology

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G.I. Dynamics, a Netherlands based company, cooperates with Petron Scientech, a New Jersey-based technology company, for providing bio-ethylene licenses for various projects worldwide. The combination of strong project execution experience and technology know-how will place clients at the front-end position of bio-based chemical industry.

With more than twenty years of research and development, Petron technology of proprietary catalyst and efficient process has attained successful commercialization. The ETE technology is the winning and sustainable solution for production of bio-ethylene from renewable material with lower greenhouse gasses emission. The resulting bio-ethylene could be integrated in chemical and polymer applications such as Ethylene Oxide (EO), Ethylene Glycol (EG), Poly Ethylene (PE), Poly Ethylene Teraphthalate (PET), Poly Styrene (PS), Ethylene Di Chloride (EDC), Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), as equaly versatile as fossil-based ethylene, and can be easily in existing downstream processing.

Petron Scientech technology has been repeatedly selected for the implementation of bio-petrochemical plant. Their technology ensures high conversion of ethanol to ethylene, with minimum byproduct(s). Unlike petroleum-based ethylene, dehydration of ethanol through ETE technology also provides minimum energy consumption and minimum waste generation. Petron's ETE was recently awarded by Greencol (Joint Venture of Toyota Tsusho and CMFC) and Jilin Zhongxin China for producing bio-ethylene which later processed in EO/EG production.

"Petron has a very efficient, safe and commercially proven technology from sustainable and renewable feed stocks for producing a basic chemical which is a building block and heart and soul of modern petrochemical industry that is otherwise produced via a petroleum route. We believe this is another leap forward for this important technology for Petron" - Brian Ozero (executive vice president of technology at Petron and a pioneer inventor in Ethylene Oxide technology arena).

ETE technology converts more than 99.5% of ethanol to ethylene with less by-product generation, making it efficient and commercially attractive. This of course is translated to high commercial potential of utilization of bio-ethylene in various industries.

To learn more about this sustainable solution for production of bio-ethylene from renewable material, «Download» our Ethanol to Ethylene Technology Brochure.

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