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G.I. Dynamics organized a conference on Coal Mine Methane Utilization in Beijing

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March 2011

G.I. Dynamics visited Beijing, China to promote the Nitech™ NRU technology and specific for the CMM utilization application. During this visit we performed a roadshow in Beijing to explain the possibilities and opportunities of the technology and to create the awareness necessary for the CMM market of China.

G.I. Dynamics organized a Nitech™ conference. Representatives of the different institutes, coal mine companies have joined the conference to have open discussions on the opportunities and possibilities, but also the challenges for utilizing the Nitech™ NRU technology for the enhancement of the coal mine methane from drainage systems towards high quality natural gas/LNG.

Together with the German organization DMT, we initiated discussions on developing the drainage systems up to "Western" standards, and hereby making it possible to have a more effective utilization of the coal mine methane towards LNG.

China growing natural gas market creates the perfect environment to gain natural gas/LNG from unconventional routes. The large coal industry in China brings large opportunities and by bringing the right organizations and interests together, G.I. Dynamics is convinced to develop these opportunities into profitable business unit.

For more information on our gas processing technology and activities in China, feel free to contact G.I. Dynamics;

Chris van der Zande Business Development Manager | G.I. Dynamics ccm.vanderzande (@)

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