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G.I. Dynamics and BCCK will exhibit the Gastech 2011

G.I. Dynamics hereby announces that it will exhibit, with its business partner, BCCK Engineering Incorporated, at the Gastech 2011, 21-24 March 2011 at the RAI in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I. Exhibition Learn how you can enhance your gas processes and increase profits through utilization of the Gas Processing technologies of BCCK via G.I. Dynamics-BCCK partnership.

And see how you profitably can recover once by-passed reserves, regardless of nitrogen content by applying the Nitech™ NRU technology. Additionally, increase project profitability through an integrated NGL extraction and helium recovery.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the GTI Pavilion, where we will exhibit together with our business partner, BCCK Engineering, Incorporated.

II. Presentation A special presentation on the Nitech™ NRU technology will be given by the inventor and owner of BCCK Engineering, Incorporated, Clark Butts.

During the presentation Clark Butts will give further detailed explanation on his technology and the applications. G.I. Dynamics and BCCK Engineering will exhibit the Gastech 2011 exhibition jointly at the GTI Pavilion - Unconventional gas. Hence, the presentation will include the possibilities and business opportunities for utilizing a cryogenic nitrogen rejection technology as a part of the full process.

Visit the presentation? The presentation will be held on Tuesday 22 March at 11:10-11:40 at the 'Centres of Technical Excellence - Theatre A' located inside the exhibition.

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III. Conference - Delegate area During the week of the exhibition a conference is held. To visit this conference an additional pass is needed to enter this delegate area.

Wim van der Zande (President and owner of G.I. Dynamics), Clark Butts(President and owner of BCCK Engineering) and Greg Hall (Vice President - Sales/Planning) will visit this delegate area. If you are interested to meet with them at this conference or you would like to schedule a meeting with them during the week of the exhibition, feel free to contact us, by clicking on the button right.

We look forward to meet with you at the Gastech!

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