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G.I. Dynamics has exhibited the IFAT Exhibition

G.I. Dynamics has exhibited the IFAT Entsorga 2010. We are very pleased with the people and companies we got acquainted with and are eager to follow up on the business opportunities which came forward during the exhibition. There are already a number of companies that will do initial feasibility tests with the OHP technology.

At the exhibition G.I. Dynamics, together with our business partner FMC, has given a presentation on the Treatment of Wastewater. If you would like to re-collect the information given during this presentation or you are interested in the having the presentation, download it here:

«Download Here» (2 MB) Presentation given during the IFAT Exhibiton on Wastewater Treatment

If you are interested in having more information on this exhibition or you would like to have more information on our company, feel free to contact us.

Did you get a G.I. Dynamics Company Brochure? Download here the digital version.

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