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Our Services


G.I. Dynamics provides an unique combination for the development and implementation of a project:

  • Commercial/Business Cooperation Model

  • Technology, Process/Engineering & Project Implementation

G.I. Dynamics - Services
Project Building-Block

G.I. Dynamics is capable to provide all building blocks  to support the Clients in the development and implementation of the project.


Click on the individual building blocks to learn more about the specific support services which can be provided by G.I. Dynamics

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Why Partner with G.I. Dynamics


1. Experience & Capability:

2. Technology Knowhow:


3. Same focus as Plant Owner:


4. Managing Contracts:

G.I. Dynamics has experience and the capability to support its clients throughout the project lifecycle.

G.I. Dynamics has unique knowhow in its niche business and biochemical industry and therefore the network to support its Clients in all areas of the project.

G.I. Dynamics' focus is to develop and deliver the optimum business case covering both commercial as technical aspects of the project.

G.I. Dynamics works together with its Clients and Stakeholders to define the best Project Execution Strategy with the appropriate contracting philosophy.

Project Execution Model
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