PuriSoil - Soil Remediation


PuriSoil - Soil Remediation


G.I. Dynamics provide a unique in-situ soil remediation technology called PuriSoil®, to clean up large contaminated areas in a single operation.


The PuriSoil® Process

PuriSoil is an eco-friendly technology. Pipes are inserted in the ground to a depth lower than the contaminated layer of soil. Air is injected into the soil through the pipes. A unique developed bio-active material (PuriSoil starter) is mixed with the top layer of soil. As the air flows upwards through the soil it carries the contaminants to the surface. In this bio-active zone the pollution is completely and very effectively broken down and converted into CO2 and water.


Ecological Solutions that Make Economic Sense

Due to the unique pricing concept of the PuriSoil® technology, the cost of a PuriSoil® remediation project will normally be lower than that of a project based on other methods.


Industrial Sites and Housing Estates

No installations, houses or other buildings have to be demolished so there is no disruption to everyday life. There is no need for major excavation or complex cleanup processes. It has been demonstrated in practice that the technology can clean soil at depths of more than 40 meters without any problems.



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