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Project Cases



Project Cases


Review the project case applicable to your interest.

Gas Processing - Technical Due Diligence

Feasibility Study for a potential acquisition, relocation, and re-use of an existing Mini LNG facility in South of Poland.

Gas Processing - Nitrogen Rejection Unit

Plant Location: Bowman, ND, USA

Facility Size: 43 MMSCFD

Gas Source: Associated gas from fire flood

Plant Type: Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Water, and NGL Extraction/ Fractionation

Inlet Gas: N2 60% to 75%

Project Type: EPC

Completion: August 2007

Waste Gas Handling - Long term well test (18% H2S)

Location:  Sichuan, P.R. of China

Field: Puguang gas field

Application: Long term well test, 18% H2S

Mandate: Efficient combustion of associated gas

Destruction efficiency: 99.99%

(Bio-)Chemicals - Ethanol to Ethylene for MEG and bio-PET

Plant Location: Taiwan

Facility Size: 100 KTA

Plant Type: Bio-Ethanol to Ethylene for MEG and bio-PET

Client: JV of CMFC and Toyota Tshuho 

Year of Completion: 2013



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