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Processing Solutions


As unique technology provider to the (petro-)chemical, oil and gas industry, G.I. Dynamics offers the best solutions to our Clients.


Processing Solutions


Project Development & Integration


G.I. Dynamics offers not only the best technology solutions to our Clients, but provides the unique development and integration support for all the necessary building blocks for the project of its Clients. G.I. Dynamics specializes in:

  • Project & Process Integration

  • Feedstock & Off-takers Contracts

  • Full Project Execution & Business Support

  • Capital & Financing for Project

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Gas Processing Solutions


G.I. Dynamics' Gas Processing Group provides the lastest state-of-the-art gas processing technologies and equipment for the Oil & Gas market. G.I. Dynamics can provide full gas processing facilities for the Oil & Gas Industry up too a lump sum turn key basis.


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Waste Gas Handling


Improvement of air quality is one of the key concerns to sustainable development worldwide. As strict environmental regulations are being enacted to protect the public and minimize harmful atmospheric emissions, our Clients look at us to develop solutions that meet regulatory compliance and allow them to operate cost effectively in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.


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G.I. Dynamics offers a solution to create added value to a bio-refinery. Traditional bio-refinery (i.e. bio-ethanol plant) is generally geared toward production of ethanol or fuel additives for transportation purpose. By expanding our vision, we can deliver applications for utilization of bio-ethanol beyond powering our engine. Example are: 

- Bio-MEG

- Bio-PET

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