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G.I. Dynamics provides an unique combination for the development and implementation of a project:

  • Commercial/Business Cooperation Model

  • Technology, Process/Engineering & Project Implementation

Project Building-Block

G.I. Dynamics is capable to provide all building blocks  to support the Clients in the development and implementation of the project.


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G.I. Dynamics has extensive experience in conducting feasibility studies that will optimize the path from concept to basis for a feasible project in (Bio-)Chemicals, Gas Processing and Waste Gas Handling.


The feasibility reporting will provide the Client the possibility to confirm whether to continue into the next phase of engineering and it provides to the Client which concept or model is most suitable in relation to technical, operational and financial feasibility of the project.


During the Feasibility Phase: Plans are generated, Technologies and methods are compared, commercial planning and comparisons are made. G.I. Dynamics has a wide knowledge and extensive database of similar projects around the world allowing to make a proper assessment. Secondly it has its network to incorporate latest market trends/ market and technical developments to ensure best technologies are selected both technical and commerical.


At completion of the Feasibility stage, G.I. Dynamics will produce:

  • Business Case

  • Key Value Drivers

  • Own technology / Technology Benchmark

  • Lessons Learned

  • Specialists information

  • IP and Patent Situation (patent free space)

  • Logistics Concept

  • Block Flow Diagram

  • General Layout Design

  • Initial Scope description

  • Process Description

  • Safety Concept

  • CAPEX and OPEX estimate

  • Scenario evaluation document

  • Project Reporting

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