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OHP waste water treatment




OHP: Waste Water Treatement


OHP: Waste Water Treatment


HUMID OXIDIZATION WITH PEROXIDE (OHP®) is an advanced patented technology for wastewater treatment. It effectively solves the problem of hard-to-treat wastewaters, especially non-biodegradable waters, at competitive operational and investment costs.


As a general rule, industrial processes generate contaminated liquid effluent. Quite often these effluents contain unacceptable levels of contaminants, requiring proper treatment before being discharged.


The key to the OHP® process is the development and optimization of this chemical reaction, enabling maximum efficiency of the oxidization process through free radicals, finally resulting in the required performance at reasonable cost.


Technology Selection - Benefit of OHP®

The OHP process has a competitive edge between 1.500 and 50.000 COD ppm.

















Suitable for many types of industry

The OHP® process is suitable for many types of industry which generate non-biodegradable effluents, such as organic chemistry, intermediate and fine chemistry, pharmaceutical, veterinary, oil, petrochemical, rubber chemistry, dyestuff, polymers.

Compositions and contaminants include:

halogenated carbides, chloramines, oils, fats, hydrocarbons, mono and policlical compounds, aromatic and non-aromatic, phenols, naphtalens, anthracens, sulphonated or non-sulphonated, dyestuffs, complex cyanides, antibiotics, insecticides, fitotoxics, non-differentiated complex organic molecules and awkward compounds for conventional oxidation processes.

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OHP waste water treatment


Waste Water Treatment

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OHP waste water treatment

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