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Nitrogen Rejection




Nitrogen Rejection Unit


Nitrogen Rejection Unit


Nitrogen Rejection Units (NRU) selectively removes nitrogen from a natural gas. G.I. Dynamics provides the Nitech™ NRU cryogenic process which has the highest methane recovery rate (+99%). Cryogenic plants have become standard practice for mid- to large-scale projects.


More than 24 Nitech™ NRUs have successfully been installed, where they have generated extra revenue streams from:

  • Naturally occurring low-BTU gas streams

  • Unconventional gas

  • Coal Mine Methane

  • Enhanced oil recovery


The major advantages of Nitech™ NRU process are;

  • Only three major components;

  • No cryogenic rotating equipment;

  • The same efficiency of traditional cryogenic processes;

  • A less complex, more reliable and lower cost design


G.I. Dynamics also provides proven high efficient integrated processes in combination with nitrogen rejection:

  • NGL extraction

  • Helium extraction

  • Liquefaction plant

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Chris van der Zande
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Nitrogen Rejection


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Nitrogen Rejection

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