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Membrane Separation




Membrane Separation


Membrane Separation


G.I. Dynamics has together via its partnership expertise in the area of Development and Supply of Pervaporation / Vapour Permeation Membrane (PV/VP-Plants) and Membrane enhanced processes.


Since more than 150 PV/VP-plants for the removal of water and methanol from organic solutions have been implemented, mainly in the chemical industry.


“Vapour Permeation” and “Pervaporation” are separation processes where mixtures containing a solvent, e.g. ethanol and water are separated from water using a membrane. With these process solvents, which forms with water azeotopes e.g. alcohols, esters, ketones and ethers, can be easily separated. Both processes are proven processes, easily to operate and insensitive against disturbances.


The available membranes can be divided into:

- Hydrophilic membranes (preferentially permeating: water)

- Hydrophobic membranes (preferentially permeating: organic components,

e.g. chlorinated hydrocarbons)

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