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Maleic Anhydride




Maleic Anhydride


Maleic Anhydride


G.I. Dynamics offers the most energy efficient, industrial scale Maleic Anhydride technology in the world.


Maleic Anhydride (MA) it is widely applied in the preparation of certain agricultural chemicals. MA is a basic chemical used in automotive, shipbuilding, paint and varnish, construction, agricultural chemistry and other industries. Maleic anhydride is used for many other applications, too, and notably for producing water-soluble polymers and lubricants.


Maleic Anhydride is used primarily in formation of:

  • unsaturated Polyester Resins (UPRs),

  • 1-4, Butanediol (BDO),

  • Polymeric Material,

  • Alkyd and polymeric resins,

  • Synthetic fiber,

  • Fumeric acid & Maleic acid,

  • Tetrahydrophuran (THF),

  • Lube Oil adhesive,

to make co polymer, pesticides, artificial sweetener, flavor enhancer, paper sizing, detergents, water treatment chemicals, hair spray, and pharmaceuticals.




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Maleic Anhydride


Maleic Anhydride

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