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Gas Processing - Nitrogen Rejection


Processing Solutions


Gas Processing Solutions


Gas Processing Solutions


G.I. Dynamics' Gas Processing Group provides the lastest state-of-the-art gas processing technologies and equipment for the Oil & Gas market.

































Furthermore, G.I. Dynamics provides unique technologies in the area of;


Gas Processing - Nitrogen Rejection

Gas Processing Solutions

G.I. Dynamics can provide full gas processing facilities on an EPC basis with experiences and capabilities in the following:


  • Nitech nitrogen rejection

  • Turbo Expander Plants

  • Helium recovery

  • CO2 removal

  • TEG dehydration

  • Mole sieve dehydration




  • Propane refrigeration

  • Inlet gas chilling or dew point suppression

  • Condensate separation/stabilization

  • Flare systems

  • Product storage

  • Inlet separation and metering




  • Compression

  • NGL product fractionation

  • MCC’s and electrical power distribution

  • PLC and DCS control systems 

Key Success Factors


1. Proven Technology with Best (Cryo) Technology

The technologies applied by G.I. Dynamics have been proven to be best available process. Our Nitech NRU process is applied in +50% of the NRU market.


2. Integrated Solutions -

With extensive experience and expertise in providing cryogenic solutions, G.I. Dynamics has developed integrated solutions to achieve maximum benefits in both CAPEX and OPEX when combining NRU, HeRU, NGL extraction, etc.


3. Highest recovery rate -

All applied process can achieve high recovery rates in excess of +99%. This will bring our Clients the largest high quality natural gas stream and lowest emissions from the vent.


4. Non-complex & reliable design -

No complex (such as cryogenic compressors) or maintenance sensitive equipment are required. This will provide our Clients a small footprint, the module equipment a lower CAPEX and minimum operator attention; average runtime in excess of 99%.


5. Flexible -

Available for flow rates of 3-250+ MMSCFD. Also design can handle wide coverage in inlet composition.


6. Low OPEX -

The implementation of a non-complex design provides the opportunity of a low OPEX; with main energy requirements only at inlet compression.


7. Quick Restart -

Our cryogenic process benefit in having quick cold restart from short shutdowns with online and on-spec delivery.

Key Figures


Achieving highest methane recoveries in excess of 99%. 


More than 25 successful project implemented with commercial live plants in operation.


Typical facilities are designed to minimize methane losses lower than 1%.


The Nitech NRU process is specially designed for flexibility in inlet concentration and can handle nitrogen concentrations between 5-90%. 


Implementing helium recovery with minor amount of helium (even below 0.50%) can already generate positive project economics with a quick returns. 


Commercial delivery and project implementation from 5-250+ MMSCFD.


Backed by over 15 years of continuous process development, patents, operations/integration know-how, and successful commercialization.

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