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Full Project Execution & Business Support





Our Services


G.I. Dynamics provides an unique combination for the development and implementation of a project:

  • Commercial/Business Cooperation Model

  • Technology, Process/Engineering & Project Implementation

Project Building-Block

G.I. Dynamics is capable to provide all building blocks  to support the Clients in the development and implementation of the project.


Click on the individual building blocks to learn more about the specific support services which can be provided by G.I. Dynamics

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Full Project Execution & Business Support


G.I. Dynamics is capable to support its Clients in the full project execution up to EPC Lump Sum Turn Key.


G.I. Dynamics' core business is to supply unique technologies with all necessary support from (pre-)feasibility, license, FEED and proprietary equipment, but G.I. Dynamics also has references for complete EPC projects.


In order to ensure that all requirements for a good process performance are included in the design documents and taken into account in proprietary equipment to be ordered G.I. Dynamics will also continue during the Execution Phase.


Secondly G.I. Dynamics will provide Project Management Support during the EPC phase as Client representative covering areas like:

  • Project Management

  • Contracts and controls management

  • Procurement services (in addition to proprietary equipment); buying, expediting & inspection

  • Construction Management


As Client representative G.I. Dynamics has a number of its toolkits to manage projects to ensure predictable project outcome. These toolkits include:

  • Structure of project execution model with gate reviews , controls, etc.

  • Comprehensive Financial Control System

  • Value Engineering

  • Risk Management

  • Integrated HAZOP & HAZOP Review

  • Constructability Review.

  • Full Document Management System

Chris van der Zande
+31(0)158 200 700

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