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Longterm Feedstock & Off-take contracts





Our Services


G.I. Dynamics provides an unique combination for the development and implementation of a project:

  • Commercial/Business Cooperation Model

  • Technology, Process/Engineering & Project Implementation

Project Building-Block

G.I. Dynamics is capable to provide all building blocks  to support the Client in the development and implementation of the project.


Click on the individual building blocks to learn more about the specific support services which can be provided by G.I. Dynamics

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Longterm Feedstock & Offtake Contracts


G.I. Dynamics has an extensive global network, especially in its niche businesses and (petro-)chemical industry, to support projects and project initiators by facilitating in obtaining (longterm) feedstock and offtake contracts. 


Longterm agreements will provide project sponsers and possible investors the necessary confidence towards the realization of the project and successful operations.


Contact us for to learn more about our unique approach towards the support and development of our Client's project.

Chris van der Zande
+31(0)158 200 700

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