Ethylene Oxide / Mono Ethylene Glycol




Ethylene Oxide / Mono Ethylene Glycol 


Ethylene Oxide/Mono Ethylene Glycol


G.I. Dynamics offers the most energy efficient, industrial scale, (bio)Ethylene Oxide and (bio)Glycols technology in the world.


(Bio)Ethylene Oxide is produced by oxidation of the (bio)Ethylene. Furthermore (Bio)Ethylene Oxide is converted to (bio)Ethylene Glycol. The bio-products can replace their conventional petroleum based counterparts. (Bio) Ethylene conversion to (bio) Ethylene Oxide and (bio) Glycols is helping the shaping of a new growing market of bio-Plastics. The most important is bioMonoEthylene Glycol (bioMEG) which is the feed-stock for:


  • PET, the core plastic resin for making beverage and food packaging, textiles polyester fiber,

  • Coolants,

  • PVC (applications such as pipes),

  • styrene & polystyrene and many more applications,

  • PVA (glues),

  • health care applications,

  • home care and many other day-to-day uses.


The full integration of the technology helps realizing the Integrated Bio Renewable-Chain.


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Ethylene Oxide / Mono Ethylene Glycol


Ethylene Oxide / Mono Ethylene Glycol

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Ethylene Oxide / Mono Ethylene Glycol

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