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Enclosed Flare / Incineration




Enclosed Flare / Incineration


Enclosed Flare / Incineration


Improvement of air quality is one of the key concerns to sustainable development worldwide. As strict environmental regulations are being enacted to protect the public and minimize harmful atmospheric emissions, our Clients look at us to develop solutions that meet regulatory compliance and allow them to operate cost effectively in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.


G.I. Dynamics provides environmental solutions for waste gas management. The Incineration/Enclosed Flare Technology helps in the realization of this endeavor. The technology successfully operates in a broad spectrum of climates, temperatures and geography in a wide variety of process applications at an efficiency rate of > 99.99%.


The major advantages of QTI Technology

  • >99.99% proven combustion efficiency

  • H2S expertise

  • No visible flame, No odor, No soot and No smoke

  • Low capital and installed cost, less maintenance

  • Significant reduction in fuel (up too 80%) and operating costs

  • Heat utilization and power generation opportunities

  • Small lease size, close spacing


Applications(Permanent and portable rental):

  • Well testing

  • Floating Production Storage Offloading - FPSO

  • Dehydrator vapors(BTEX) & Stabilizer gases

  • In-situ Flue Gas 

  • Acid gas/Tail gas elimination Amine reboiler

  • Stock or water tank sour vapour emissions

  • Shale gas

  • Waste water treatment 

  • Chemical/Petrochemical waste gas

  • Landfill waste gas


Enclosed Flare Incineration System have been independently and extensively tested in a variety of applications by Clients including ExxonMobil, Shell, TransCanada Pipelines, Vacquero, and Dominion Exploration.

Chris van der Zande
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Enclosed Flare / Incineration


Enclosed Flare / Incineration

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Enclosed Flare / Incineration

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