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Capital & Financing of Projects





Our Services


G.I. Dynamics provides an unique combination for the development and implementation of a project:

  • Commercial/Business Cooperation Model

  • Technology, Process/Engineering & Project Implementation

Project Building-Block

G.I. Dynamics is capable to provide all building blocks  to support the Clients in the development and implementation of the project.


Click on the individual building blocks to learn more about the specific support services which can be provided by G.I. Dynamics

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Capital & Financing of Projects


As Project Developer G.I. Dynamics has capital investors willing to join the G.I. Dynamics' Projects due to the unique technologies achieving attractive business results.


G.I. Dynamics' network of Banks are also willing to provide financing for the projects initiated by G.I. Dynamics due to manageable risk profiles of the projects and projected financial performances with proven technologieds.


In order to demonstrate full commitment G.I. Dynamics is also open for a participation into the projects against acceptable conditions.


These services are provided on most of the projects as the capital needed plus staged financing are essential ingredients to make a project moving.


Chris van der Zande
+31(0)158 200 700

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