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GI Dynamics

Bio-Ethanol Production


The availability of bio-mass depends on the geographic location. As most of the technologies can combine more types of biomass for the production of bio-ethanol from 1st generation biomass, there is a clear distinnction for 2nd generation technologies, which generally are geared towards a single type of biomass.



Support in Bio-Ethanol process

Based on the market knoledge and continous activities in the ethanol downstream market, G.I. Dynamics accumulated extensive expertize and will be able to support the Clients in the decision for the most suitable technology per project basis.


Assistance in feedstock selection

Biomass for the ethanol production is paramount for the succes of the project. Given the experience in the ethanol produciton we can assist the Clients in the selection of the proper feedstock and feedstock sources for the project.


Based on that selection we have experience with most of the available technologies in the 1st and 2nd generation. So we provide an independent role in the technology selection for the enthanol production and also advise and develop the best integration with downstream processes


Overall Integration

As a technology house, G.I. Dynamics is involved not only in the downstream business but also in upstream. Based on succesfully completed project we will be able to maximize the integration of the process.




Processing Solutions




Bio Refinery Model
Bio Refinery Concept

Bio-Ethanol Production


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