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Integrated Bio-Refineries are serving a niche and rapidly growing market for bio-chemicals and bio-plastics. At G.I. Dynamics we want to expand the added value of ethanol/biomass use and via our technologies to convert it further to other added value products for the industry:

Bio Refinery Concept

Key Success Factors


1. Proven Technology with reference plants - 

The technologies combine best practice and use state of the art catalyst reaching the highest conversion and the highest selectivity of the main products.


2. Market Price conform -

Using best performances and full integration, bio-chemical resulted in the process chain have a market conform price. Depending on the region the bio-chemicals prices are highly competitive with the petroleum ones.


3. Multiple bio-products -

The integrated technologies generate added value for multiple industries like cosmetics, pharmaceutical, textiles, etc. which are using bio-ethylene, bio-EO and bio-MEG.


4. Integration -

Best performances of the technology are a consequence of high level of integration from energy perspective.


5. Flexible Model -

Depending on the variation of the market bio-EO/MEG plants can accommodate a change in the capacity and to align with the price changes in the market.


6. Minimize carbon footprint -

Extensive research showed that ethanol based bio-ethylene production reduce the carbon footprint supporting the environmental and sustainability endeavors of many companies.


7. Saleable CO2 -

We approach the business from a zero discharge philosophy. The CO2 is recovered as food grade and can be used further e.g. beverages.


Key Figures


More than 10 successful projects implemented with commercial live plants in operation.


Majority of stand-alone Ethylene units globally licensed by us during past 25 years.


Backed by over 20 years of continuous process development, catalyst R&D, and operations/ integration know-how.


Commercial delivery and project implementation from 30-250 KTA per year..

1st - 2nd

Both 1st and 2nd generation ethanol production can be used for production of bio-chemicals and bio-plastics


Short project implementation of 16 to 18 months versus petroleum based projects which take up to 4-5 years.


More than 10 successful project implemented with commercial live plants in operation.


Minimum to Zero (0) carbon dioxide discharge due to optimized and integrated design..


High turn-down ratio from 40% to 120% of design rates.

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