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About G.I. Dynamics


About G.I. Dynamics

GI Dynamics

G.I. Dynamics is an independent and international leading technology partner founded with focus on the development and implementation of projects worldwide. 


Operating together with a global network of unique industrial players, we provide the latest state-of-the-art proven technologies and processes. 


Thanks to a comprehensive suite of technical competencies, we can add value to every phase of a project – from conceptual to up execution and implementation –  through to technology development, project delivery and operational support.

Key Values

We act with a deep commitment to social responsibility, integrity and accountability. Our identity is maintained by our commitment to these key values:



G.I. Dynamics delivers on its promises through continuous improvement and safe, reliable projects with the ambition that the outcome will bring you the desired sustainable business with maximum shareholders value.




G.I. Dynamics has its models and tools to perform the challenging tasks, but is capable to adapt and respond to the changes and deliver in a timely and cost-effective manner and manages the uncertainties following the changes and increase the value delivered by turning the risks into opportunities.



All innovation begins with creative ideas. G.I. Dynamics stimulates creative thinking and allows experiences across the businesses, but is even more focused on effective and successful implementation to make a genuine difference for your business.



Integrity is in principle the consistency of values, methods, principles and outcome, as such G.I. Dynamics is approaching its market, stakeholders and does execute its projects and manages the upcoming inconsistencies in order to achieve a predictable outcome and achieve the set goals.

Wim van der Zande

Wim van der Zande

Founder and Managing Director of G.I. Dynamics

Wim van der Zande, founder of G.I. Dynamics, has over 20 years of experience in managing complex organizations throughout Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Asia. Wim has an extensive background in the engineering contracting business, specifically in the development of chemical production facilities. His functions in recent years include those of COO, CEO, President and currently holds board member-ships at several companies/ organisations with over 1.000 employees total.


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